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Photographers 摄影师


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Coming from a liberal arts college background in the U.S., Alice益馨 has integrated her passion for photography with her unique understanding of art and culture. Now a professional photographer based in Shanghai, China, she endeavors to make the most of her visual grasp as well as to surpass the clients’ expectations. 

美国文理学院的艺术教育背景给了 Alice 益馨对于文化与艺术的独特理解,如今在中国上海的职业摄影师生涯更是让她在扎实的理论基础上拥有了丰富的实战经验。每一次的商业拍摄,她总是致力于提供自己对于视觉语言的专业见解,并与整个团队一齐努力,缔造更出色的作品。


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A commercial, advertising and editorial photographer. Alicia Shi loves to create eyecatching images, which speak to the viewer. Her themes range is from portrait and street to fashion and art. 

推销, 广告,社论的拍照着, Alicia Shi 爱着创作扣 人心弦的照片, 和谁看的会讨论。写照,路照, 艺术和时装都能拍。 


Photographer, based in Shanghai, born in South America, worked in Sweden, Spain, Uruguay and Argentina for brands, advertising agencies and editorials like: Pepsi, Nike, Ogilvy, Cosmopolitan, J.W. Thompson, BBDO, Mother, Adidas, Playboy, Unilever, TBWA, and many many more. 



Mario Machado is a Brazilian portrait photographer based in Shanghai

Mario Machado (马里奥) 是总部设在上海的巴西肖像摄影师


Maxim van den Nieuwenhuyzen, Franco Belgian photographer based in Shanghai, started professional photography a year ago. After covering various events, events with international DJs or private parties, such as recently Rolls Royce black event, he decided to focus on fashion industry. He worked independently for ZESH,, Conde Nast, Atelier Fusari, KUX... He is also currently assisting Ben Lee on some of his shootings, like the last summer campaign of Uber and the launch of TY, Eric Tibusch's brand in China. Maxim van den Nieuwenhuyzen 比利时摄影师,目前定居于上海,一年前开始接触专业摄影,并且涉足了很多不同类型的活动,包括DJs和一些私人派对,比如最近的黑色劳斯莱斯晚会。我决定更专注于对时尚产业的摄影工作,并已经和一些品牌合作过,例如:ZESH(泽尚), Conde Nast(康泰纳仕), Atelier Fusari, KUX... 我目前协助于Ben Lee的一些拍摄活动,比如今年夏天为Uber(优步)拍摄的广告,为TY以及Eric Tibusch的中国品牌拍摄的新品。


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hi, I am a singaporean fashion photographer based in shanghai who is also a partner in a new fashion brand, TJS

大家好,我是一名新加坡时尚摄影师也是一个新服装品牌,TJS, 的合作伙伴


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Korean photographer now based on Guangzhou, China. Sam Lee collaborates exclusively with creative company to provide custom photography for businesses from portrait to jewelry by capturing the brilliant moment of itself to move someone’s mind.

来自韩国的摄影师现在在广州,SAM LEE跟创造的公司一起创作,让人扣人心弦的照片。人物、艺术饰品都能拍。

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