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LAWO is a social fashion platform that allows users to access international fashion blogs, make and actively engage in new social connections, request styling advice from users and fashion pros, and even engage in fun, in-app themed contests.  Its purpose is to provide users with a genuine social fashion platform to improve style, fashion-sense, and self-confidence. 

拉我APP是一款社交分享平台,允许用户访问时尚博客,积极参与并获得新的社会关系,邀请普通用户和造型师给与造型建议,还可以参与有趣的主题竞赛. 此款APP的主要目的是为用户提供一个真正纯粹的社交分享平台来提高自己的风格,时尚感从而变得更加自信

MS Paris

Rent designer dresses for only 5-10% of the retail price. Choose among 200 high-end brands and 10,000+ dresses. Yes it's true, it's real and I've tried the service and it's awesome! You not only have the chance to choose the dress according to the occasion or the brand, but, also, you can avoid paying every time and buy the monthly subscription to have a new dress everyday from an international luxury brand.


One more closet

At One More Closet, users will find numerous outfit/style options of top international brands to rent to complete that perfect ensemble at a fraction of the retail price. Meanwhile, they can also rent out their spare items to share with the community. OneMoreCloset is a fashion sharing platform, just like AirBnB for clothing. It connects individual closets all over the world.在完美衣橱,用远低于零售价的钱就可租借到各大设计品牌风格迥异适合各种场合的服装,同时还可以在这个时尚社区出租分享自己衣橱里的衣物和饰品。

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