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Peter Xu

Mr. XU is one of the very few bloggers from China who's always active during New York, Milan & Paris fashion weeks. He is recommended by Vogue Italia and interviewed by New York Times as the blogger to work with in China. He's experienced in show report, TV, styling and photography. His team is one of the few social media groups that have the independent production capacity for high-end video & photo materials.Xu's studio has established close ties with DIOR, VERSACE, DOLCE & GABBANA, MISSONI, EMILIO PUCCI & KERING GROUP (GUCCI, SAINT LAURENT, BALENCIAGA, STELLA MCCARTNEY). He often works with these brands and their designers as the sole blogger partner and had interviewed famous designers such as KARL LAGERFELD AND RICCARDO TISCI, and hosted events for ADIDAS ORIGINALS and INTEL. Recently he made his appearance on CHINA'S NEXT TOP MODEL with GARETH PUGH's show at the finale in London. He covers major shows around the world and shot runway photos (backstage, atmosphere, runway, etc.) for VOGUE LATIN AMERICA, L'OFFICIEL PARIS, LUISA VIA ROMA, FARFETCH, KTZ, EMILIO PUCCI, etc. He has also collaborated with international brands and designers and developed his own products and made a cover on 1626 Magazine. 
工作室和DIOR, VERSACE,DOLCE & GABBANA, MISSONI, EMILIO PUCCI和KERING GROUP(GUCCI所在的集团,旗下诸多品牌包括SAINT LAURENT, BALENCIAGA, STELLA MCCARTNEY等)等有国际级的官方合作。徐老师常作为中国唯一合作的博主,深度接触这些品牌,采访过KARL LAGERFELD, RICCARDO TISCI, DEAN & DAN等设计师、双语主持过三叶草、英特尔等品牌发布会、以主要嘉宾身份出镜第一季中国超模CHINA'S NEXT TOP MODEL中国和伦敦的录制。国际时装品牌在国内和时装周的大秀,七成也都有出席。
徐老师也擅长秀场摄影,给拉丁美洲VOGUE, 巴黎L'OFFICIEL, LUISA VIA ROMA, FARFETCH,EMILIO PUCCI, KTZ, MISSONI等品牌官方亲手创作过秀场大片,和团队负责拍摄秀场官方氛围、后台、标准秀图。他也和国际品牌、设计师跨界推出过一些设计,也因此登上了1626杂志封面,设计杂志十周年联名款卫衣。

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Fashion buyer and writer of bilingual fashion and lifestyle blog, Seriously棒. Drawn to pretty things and pretty places, and keen to share them with everyone. Based in Shanghai.


Aya will feature insights on working in the business of fashion, share insider tips and trends, introduce successful and charismatic people of the industry, take readers on live tours around greatest office spaces of fashion houses, fashion shows, events and ceremonies. 将会报道一些时尚行业内的独到见 解,分享业内人士的时尚贴士及流行趋势,介绍成功且有趣的时尚行业人士,带着读者们现场感受最有创意的时尚办公环境、时尚机构、时尚秀、时尚活动及时尚派对。


Tracy Wang, aka. ColorBlocker, is a journalism master graduate from New York University. After working at NBC, New York Times, Refinery29, and OK magazine, she ended up as a full-time style blogger in 2013 based in Shanghai. ColorBlocker never shies away from bold palette and funky patterns. She doesn’t stick to one look and never wants to be one-note, but dressing an attitude is always king to her.

Tracy Wang,又名ColorBlocker,毕业于纽约大学新闻硕士专业。先后在美国全国广播公司, 纽约时报, Refinery29和OK杂志工作。颇具个人色彩和玩味多变的混搭,让她最终在2013年转为全职时尚博主,目前定居上海。无法用一句话形容她的风格,也不想被定性。穿衣不求别人的审美,只迎合自己的态度


Sinologist, Beijing resident for 5.5 years and now heading towards The West again, all the while promoting "The New Made in China”! In honor of China's explosive fashion scene, She has created Temper Magazine.


Armed with a Fashion Design degree from London and a Master’s in Global Fashion Supply Chain Management, Holly also has over 7 years of professional experience in PR, content creation and ecommerce, having worked with several leading luxury retailers, brands and media across Asia, North America and the UK. Her official WeChat Account, Hautebrew, recommends interesting, fun and fashionable finds on Taobao as well as from independent designers, bringing style and sardonic wit together in measured doses, just like a good coffee brew. 在伦敦获得时尚设计学位和全球时尚供应链管理硕士学位后,Holly已在公关、文案和电商行业有7年多的工作经验,合作客户均为亚洲、北美及英国的高端时尚零售商、奢侈品品牌及权威媒体。她的个人微信公众号“何趣”,主要推荐一些趣味十足的淘宝时尚单品,和独立设计师的作品,恰似一杯现煮的咖啡,彰显品味又不失谐趣。


Issa has been following the trends in rtw, swim, seasoned lounge, and athleisure for the last decade.  She writes for Bikini Shell and other medias and loves to attend Fashion Week in L.A. and South Beach. She has just recently jetted to Beijing where you might catch her peeking in on some cool spots  and moments of streetstyle house chic. 在过去的十年里,伊萨一直都在跟随着春夏秋冬泳衣的潮流。她除了给"Bikini Shell"写文章外,还向其他媒体投稿。她热衷于洛杉矶的时装周和美国南边的海滩。最近她本人飞到了北京出差。


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Monki Yuki

Chinese fashion blogger based in Shanghai, she has over 240k followers on weibo and 25.6k followers on Instagram. Share the information about fashion trend and new fashion show. monkiyuki 中国时尚博主,拥有24万微博粉丝,2万5千instagram粉丝。分享时尚资讯与最新时装周给中国时尚关注者

Pink Dumpling

Paola is a Shanghai based fashion merchandising consultant. She had worked 12 years in prestigious brands (Dsquared2, Benetton, Diesel, Burberry) in different continents, and currently cooperates with several brands and fashion schools. She is wife to Eddi and mum to a baby girl named Olivia, the main inspiration of her blog. Paola是長駐上海的時尚商品銷售顧問。她曾在不同地區就職於各大知名品牌如:Dsquared2, Benetton, Diesel, Burberry,已有12年的資歷,目前也正與一些品牌與時裝學校有合作。她是Eddi的老婆,一個名叫Olivia的小女孩的媽媽,也是她博客的主要靈感來源。


An active KOL, social queen and an influencer marketer in Shanghai who cross covering in lifestyle, travel, fashion and parties . She travels around the world and spread the “Stylish, Independent and Extraordinary “ lifestyle to the followers. A good storyteller who aims to make the stories touchy, convincible and inherited; The founder of MisM, which is a high-end private party organiser; and also the guest travel columnist for Vantage Magazine. 上海知名风尚自媒体人,涉猎高端生活方式,旅游,时尚及申城派对;知名杂志旅游专栏特邀作家;沪上高端私密派对MisM的创始人。去年开始环游世界,拿起笔和相机,以全球化视角,致力于将“时尚,独立,卓越”的生活态度及品牌精神传递给更多的读者。如果你也是这样一个独立有品位且有思想的人,欢迎关注我们。


Sylvia Shuiyin Liu is the co-founder and CEO of Zamani Collection, a lifestyle brand which fully embrace the concept of #Ruglife. Under her leadership, the company expanded from a pop-up concept to three large spaces in Beijing within a year, with partners and clients in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Paris, Berlin and more. She fully believes that a rising start-up would have very clear and accurate brand positioning and strong product content. Hence, Zamani Collection pioneered new models for retailing antiques and art pieces and redefine the game for luxury home décor. Additionally, as a managing partner at Niwo Life, a Chinese women online media platform, she provides her insights and resources for event planning and business development. Niwo, aiming to inspire women to live as her true self, has now more than 200,000 followers on social and partners across many industries and organizations.

The marginalist

时尚生活方式博主|撰稿编辑|创意顾问 Yanie Yangsen 杨森 关注领域:时尚潮流、生活方式、旅行游历及食品餐饮 自我介绍:曾在纽约、米兰、巴黎、蒙特利尔和上海等时尚之都工作过的Yanie对全球B2B、B2C模式有着深刻而独到的见解。 撰稿编辑:旅游休闲、现代女性、时尚宣言、服饰搭配 发表于:中国版ELLE、Modern Lady、Only Lady、Swiss Air、Rayli 品牌合作:Shanghai Tang、Guess Jeans、Lee、Vionnet、Perrier、Mate Mate、Charles & Keith及Warner Bros等


Bilingual blogger featuring subjects of Gender, Culture, Lifestyle & Fashion; Wechat-Writer of Hunshixiaowage & Youtuber-CheefulBubble Vanessa. 
双语自媒体博主,关注性别、文化、生活方式和时尚。微信平台混世小瓦哥以及油管主CheefulBubble Vanessa。


I am the fashion blogger and styling designer WENJUN, focus on brand and personal fashion, counselor of personal wardrobe management and fashion blogger. And now, i have my own brand WENJUN WHEN. 

我是时尚博主造型师WENJUN,致力于品牌及个人时尚造型搭配顾问,私人衣橱管理顾问,同时经营自己的时尚博客,分享时尚穿搭,时尚生活方式,与国内外时尚品牌,高端餐饮,奢侈酒店等建立稳固的合作关系。现有自己的品牌WENJUN WHEN

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Paul Hickey

Paul Hickey (AKA ShanghaiGiant) is the creative force behind, the online destination to discover the best of Shanghai food, fashion, lifestyle and travel. Writing across the website and WeChat, ShicShanghai has already gained a loyal following, giving readers inside access to the hottest parties, finest restaurants and coolest brands. 

Paul Hickey(也作ShanghaiGiant) 是ShicShanghai.com主要创意负责人,在线提供上海饮食,时尚,生活方式以及旅行的最佳目的地。从官网到微信账号,ShicShanghai.com现如今已经拥有一批忠实的粉丝,ShicShanghai给读者提供上海最热门派对,最优质餐厅以及最炫酷品牌的内部通道。。

Timothy Parent

Timothy Parent has been blogging about Chinese street style for the past seven years. In 2011 he established China Fashion Bloggers to curate the best content from China's top bloggers in one place. CFB syndicates information and inspiration from a dozen bloggers to give our audience a more holistic perspective on the Chinese fashion system.


关于中国时尚,Timothy Parent已经有7年博客的经验。从2011年开始,为了把中国顶尖博主集合在一起,他建立了China Fashion Bloggers。同时,CFB融合了十几个博主的信息和灵感,为的是给我们的看客呈现中国史上系统的更完整的观点。

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