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The China fashion group is a multifaceted, fashion-focused group that serves as platform for professionals to share their ideas, resources and experiences with each other with the goal of inspiring collaboration, support and innovation for a better, more connected business environment. All the groups are divided by city in China. Each month we gather together for a newtowrking, talk, cooperation and also a fun night out together. If you want to be a part of the newtowrk please fill up the form below. Specifying your company, your title, the city you work in and your email address (work address). Once you will be approved as a member you will receive a unique password so you can have a look at the video workshop and access the events. The platform is open for brands, suppliers, fashion investors, designers, photographers, media and blogger. For those last 2 categories there is also a specific page in the website (blog) where you can upload your guest posts with a link to your website or wechat. Right now the platform is open just in Shanghai and Beijing but feel free to contact us if you don't live in thos 2 cities to be the first to receive the news when we will open in other cities. The platform and membership is totally free and it's open just to the categories mentioned before. If you have an event you would like to upload just send us an email with description and flyer.

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中国时尚集团是一家多元化、关注时尚的公司,我们为专业人士提供一个互相交流想法、资源和经验的平台,我们鼓励合作、支持和创新,并致力于缔造一个更好、更紧密联系的商业环境。所有团队按中国的城市划分。每个月我们都会聚集一次,一起交流、讨论、合作,并共度一个有趣的夜晚。如果你也想加入我们,请填写下方的表格。注明你的公司、现任职位、所在城市和你的邮箱地址(工作地址)。当会员资格审核通过后,你将收到一串密码,用这个密码就可以在线观看视频研讨会和参加活动了。本平台面向品牌商、供应商、时尚投资人、设计师、摄影师、媒体和博客。如果是后面的两类,我们还会提供一个特定的页面(博客),在这里你可以上传客座文章并附上你的网站或微信链接。目前本平台仅对上海和北京开放,但如果你不在这两个城市范围内,也欢迎你联系我们,我们会在开放其他城市的时候第一时间通知你。本平台及会员资格是完全免费的,并且面向上述种类人士开放。如果你想发布活动,请向我们发送一封电子邮件,并附上活动简介和海报。如需发送邮件 请点击

Contact us 联系我们

Thanks for your interested in the China fashion group. We will be back to you soon!

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